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HTML Templates or Code From Scratch?

When I've taking the time to look at the skills that contemporary designers are expected to have by various employers, what I've found is more than the kinds of visual design skills one might expect. A lot of companies hiring in-house design staff as well as design agencies require decidedly techie skills…

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Adobe's Creative Cloud Makes Software Affordable

When I first heard that Adobe was going to make their software available through something called the Creative Cloud, I admit to being a bit dubious. I've used Microsoft's cloud software, Office 365, and found the experience wanting. I wasn't sure I wanted the most important software I use as a designer…

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WordPress as a Rapid Site Development Plaform

Most people think of WordPress as a blogging tool, which is certainly how it was originally created. Since that time, however, WordPress has matured into a feature-rich content management system that enables the creation of websites that may or may not have a blogging component to them. In addition…

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