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The Designer

David Deyo - Owner and Graphic Designer

David spent most of his career in technical writing and training development. At the same time, his personal interest in computer graphics and graphic design grew along that career path. At first, he began to learn how to use drawing software to produce basic diagrams and graphics for the documentation projects he worked on. Over twenty years ago, the advent of 3D graphics software for the personal computer launched a passion and hobby for creating digital still images. As his artistic work began to evolve, he learned a great deal about composition and visual narrative.

He began working closely with graphic designers at the various companies where he was employed as a writer, the beginning of an informal design training. The designers he learned from took time to explain why various concepts worked while others did not. They also gave him leeway to do some design work on his projects under their critique and guidance. The skills he cultivated served him in good stead in more recent years working for various technology startups where he did not have access to dedicated design staff.

Eventually, he decided to begin formal education in graphic design, enrolling in the design program at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon and taking classes part time as he work schedule allowed. While he has yet to finish his design degree, the design coursework he has completed to date has a grade point average of 4.0. His skills with digital design software are especially strong. He began to use his developing talents on personal projects such as his publishing venture, TalisMedia, and a web-based venture devoted to spiritual and metaphysical content and products, Chronal House. He designed the logo of both enterprises, graphics for their websites, video, and completed his first animated video project. He also designed the logo for Imagengine Studios.

In 2011, he was hired by Portland technology company Nyxio Technologies as a full time designer and the company's Art Director. In that time, David revised the company logo, designed trade show graphics, product packaging, business cards, the company's product user guides, the website, internal company forms, video, and user interfaces for various projects under development.

His skills

  • Web Design

  • Video Production

  • Graphic Design

  • Logo Design

  • Packaging

  • Illustration

  • Technical Writing