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  • Chronal House Logo

    The logo for this online company specializing in metaphysical and spiritual content took the form of a stylized hourglass.

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  • TalisMedia Logo

    The logo for this publishing company was inspired by the word "talisman" and the tagline "the alchemy of imagination.

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  • Nyxio Technologies Logo

    The logo for this technology company was refreshed to include an iconic emblem and a bolder evolution of its lettering.

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  • Wicked Wit Wares Logo

    The logo for this maker of t-shirts and other merchandise emphasizes its penchant for a certain naughiness and decided irreverance in all its products.

  • Simulsens Branding

    Logo and product branding for a fictional corporation created for a science fiction novel. The company produces hardware and software for highly sophisticated virtual reality scenarios.

  • Personal Lettermark

    This lettermark was formed by the lowercase letters of David's first and last names, oriented to produce a dynamic combination.

  • Imagengine Studios Logo

    This logo was modeled and rendered using 3D software to combine elements of new ideas and the reliability of powerful machines.

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  • Velocity Branding

    A collection of visual branding elements created for an engineering group within Microsoft to help collectively and individually identify the technologies and services of their group.

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