our showcase of some fantastic packaging projects we've done!

Your product packaging can get supercharged by Imagengine Studios! Let's get the motor of your success fueled up and revving.

  • Chakranomicon Packaging

    The packaging for both the DVD and Blu-ray disc editions of this computer animated video included the disc faces, disc case outer inserts, and inside insert.

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  • Vuzion Packaging

    The retail box for this Smart TV by technology company Nyxio Technologies conveys the bold color and styling consistent with company branding.

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  • Chronal House Tarot Box

    The packaging was designed to conform to standard retail box dimensions for most decks of Tarot cards while showing the digital style of the deck.

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  • Book Front Cover

    The front cover for this book evokes the style of travel posters designed in the Art Deco era but using a classic symbol of commerce.

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