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  • Rich Internet Photo Browser

    This web application was built using Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder, enabling a stylized user interface for scrolling and browsing libraries of fine art photography.

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  • Venture Loader App UI

    This application UI was designed to greatly simplify the process of loading and managing content on the Venture Mobile Media Viewer goggles by Nyxio Technology.

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  • Digital Brochure UI

    This application was built in Flash and given out on USB drives by Ensequence at a trade show. Resembling traditional collateral, this piece included video clips.

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  • Interactive TV iAd UI

    This application UI is designed to be simple enough to interact with using the remote control of a set-top box, providing basic product information.

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  • Chakranomicon Disc UI

    This interface was designed to reflect the visual style of the content on the Chakranomicon DVD and Blu-ray disc editions while also being easy to navigate.

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